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What MOST coaches do.

Meet Your Decision Coach


Hi My name is Pru Marie, I am the Executive Decision Facilitator at Xperience Coaching Academy. I work with influencers to make sustainable identity change with the 12 best decisions you can make this year.

Most coaches will tell you they took up the job because they love serving humanity, they want to create magnificent transformations, they want to inspire. Perhaps they want to turn people into golden unicorns as a notch on their belt.

I started coaching because I was a sole parent with three kids under four. I had lived through a seismic life disaster at age forty that took everything I had ever known. I now had to reinvent myself. I was ready for entrepreneurial freedom and became passionate to excavate what makes people do what they do when deciding.

I chose coaching as a pragmatic career choice. It’s an unregulated industry & I would be as good as my clients said I was. No history or CV required. Only my results, and the testimonials keep flowing in.

And then, the sting in the tail: I fell in love with human behaviour and became an expert in decision making. I absolutely must do what I find the easiest and most natural to do and I find deciding a breeze. I partnered with the International Coach Guild, became a leader of Meta Dynamics facilitators and added to my Train the Trainer, Sales & Public Speaking qualifications with NLP, CBT & Emotional Intelligence, EDISC Decision Profiling & Creative Ministries.

Years on, coaching isn’t what I do. It’s who I am.

In 2021, I run Australia’s No 1 Xperience Coaching Academy as the Executive Decision Coach. I teach influencers to make really tough decisions easily and without regret.

Yeah, most people don’t buy that at first because they think they’re great at calling the shots. Sure. Then why I ask, are you double minded or stressed about outcomes, if your decisions are so good? Why do your drugs of choice include low grade anxiety, procrastination or overthinking & burnout?

All my coaching is done in groups nowadays, so there is absolutely no BS! Even in My GAP Year ( $1 a day program ) for elite accountability, we master visibility, integrity & productivity in front of others. Only the brave and willing ought to apply. I coach prestige clients via virtual GAP Month Bootcamps & immersive face-to-face GAP Trust Xperiences. I will find your gaps. Each one is a mystery as working with me, is a choose your own adventure.

How they work: you pay not knowing what you will do and with increasing less control as you invest more. You spend X amount of hours on my intensive stages designed so that every strategy you normally employ is unavailable and resources around you are unfamiliar.

I will put you in situations where you are faced with safe danger and pressure. If you want to say no all day, say no. It’s your money. And through decision making you will see who you are. You’ll find you are glorious and far more powerful than you ever knew, or that you’re a flesh bag of emotion and can’t handle anything presented to you.

Either way, that’s the gift. You receive a custom made xperience with tailor made consequences.

When you are sick to death of paying for all the professional leadership training and personal development that didn’t work, come and see me. You have to be in the game of wanting a challenge, because you or someone close to you is getting bitch slapped by your decisions and it’s time to change.

The work is professionally validated. It already works. There is a waiting list.

In our industry you can read a book and be a coach. I have life experience. I’ve founded an NFP for women and children, been a creative minister in women’s jails, been a theatre costume designer. Been an abused wife, been heartbroken, been rebuilt.

I don’t take anybody somewhere I haven’t been. I don’t ask you to take any risk or challenge. I haven’t been prepared to face myself. As a client of Xperience Coaching Academy, I guarantee you will end up reclaiming the best of who you are. You will speak your truth all the time. You will never change because of anyone again.

Your misunderstandings about life will be exposed. All without a single unicorn in sight.

No humans will be harmed in my work during the reimagining of their choices.

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