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Through the frame of identity change, I design intricate portals to see who you are truly being, where the mask is stripped away and the strategies and scaffolds you normally employ are useless.



Well hello. If you’re reading this, you are someone who is not just naturally curious but emotionally brave. I get the feeling already that we’ll get on. Like me, you always want to push the envelope in life, make choices that don’t make sense to others, seek your own adventure. 


Why don’t you come on one with me? Should you choose to discover what you’ve been avoiding for a while now, you will find you always have the option to see more. Always have the choice to go deeper and further. No matter what you do, how hungry you are will be reflected back, and you’ll discover the insight to use every moment to grow, improve and find the most fun you can have standing up. 


it’s an opportunity to learn about your life outside of one experience and consider the possibility that the vital ingredient in who you are being is held in the reflection of others.


Until you’re there, you won't know you need to come up against the levels in which others play, and who you make yourself to be in the face of their failures and successes. You are invited into a timeless portal. Conducted in a place of safe danger with endless reach, your experience will be a tapestry you absorb which gives ridiculous insight and is downloaded forever in your cells.


And then you realize this is more than an adventure


Many don’t know who they are until a GAP experience.

Think of it as an exam paper for life where your answers reveal who you have become so far and who you are choosing to be. It is in your actions and choices, hour by hour, that the information you can no longer hide from reveals itself on the precipice of choice. These experiences are only for the courageous, adventurous and wise who know the sheer delight in discovering what they're made of when they surrender control in the care of a visionary mentor who is accurate, every time.

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