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I’m Pru Marie. I’m a behavioural coach,
life-stage designer, Xperience expert and your personal Enigma.

By creating custom stages for your life journey so you can choose to upgrade your identity in a high-speed cellular adventure, I exist to guide you to remember your highest human state, that of a child. 


Reclaiming our childlike preference for uncertainty means you’ll be able to handle anything life throws your way. And she has a huge right hook! I know that better than most, having survived a sudden seismic disaster at age 40. 

My speciality is supporting leaders to make tough decisions easy. I believe your identity rests in your choices, and who you truly are is delineated by your behaviour.


I invite you to step up with me and see what you will decide. When you create consequences, you own them, which brings extraordinary power. 

In our industry, you can read a book then be a coach. I have the life experience. I’ve founded an NFP for women and children to lighten the motherload, been a creative minister in women’s jails. Trained elite sales teams to peak performance. Been a beaten partner, been heartbroken, been rebuilt.


I don’t take anybody somewhere I haven’t been.


I don’t ask you to face any risk or challenge I haven’t done myself. I guarantee you will end up seeing who you are. You will calm your mind, speak your truth all the time. You will never change for anyone again.

Through the frame of Identity Change

I design intricate portals to see who you are truly being, where the mask

is stripped away and the strategies and scaffolds you normally employ are useless. 

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About G.A.P       periences... 

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 You pay upfront not knowing where you will go nor what you will do. We commit to a period of hours in an immersive encounter with real life scenarios.


Your agreement is to surrender, to loose control and like it. To delight in being challenged and see what you're made of, where you will be faced with safe danger and positive peer pressure. What remains is a depth of cellular knowledge and your true identity. No where to hide.

Your role is to decide, to choose your own adventure. Red, yellow or green cards are selected revealing the level of self leadership you wish to engage in. A celebration, a further question or a deep unpack from your coach, it's up to you.


If you want to say no all day, say no. It’s your money. Through decision making and positive peer pressure you will see who you are & the consequences of your choices. You’ll find you are far more powerful than you ever knew, or that you’re a flesh bag of emotion and can’t handle what you've created.

GAP Xperiences created by Pru Marie Enigma, to help her (in her words) ‘bang on about the beauty of this L.I.F.E. Loving Inspiring Fearless Experience’ known to survivors


( get the T-Shirt #Isurvivedgaptrust ).


Anything we say to describe GAP Experiences mean we have to smuggle you away, given we are constantly changing our mind about what the Enigma wants. Possibilities include:


  • Somewhere people can come to play 'the activities are amazing’;

  • Crazy cool spots to visit on the bucket list;

  • Pru’s vacation calendar: think of her as a peacock and her experiences as her feathers.

  • Adult Disneyland, without cocktails, and moments of extra ordinary Australian Coaching;

  • A place to tie yourself in knots, gasp for breath and push yourself ;

  • A really elaborate marketing stunt; for those who wont give in...

  • A really expensive day out with the girls.

      How it works


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Either way that's the gift !

Meet The              Team



In a sentence  I am our Enigmas' PA Personal Assistant., it's easy.



In a paragraph. I Am Pru's EA Experience Manager. it's a blast!

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In a phrase. I am The Team VA Virtual Assistant from Bali. It's an honour.

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